Our revolutionary Pulse Wave technology reverses Erectile Dysfunction and brings back full penile activity.

Paragon’s Revolutionary Pulse Wave Technology reverses ED by making the body regenerate entirely new blood, new tissue and new Stem cells in the genital area.

✔ More Spontaneous Intimacy

✔ Increased Sensation

✔ Long Lasting Results

✔ No Pills Or Surgery

✔ HSA and FSA Approved

✔ Improved Erections

✔ Faster Refractory Period

✔ Boosted Self Confidence

✔ No Recovery Time

✔ Financing Available

Latest Google Reviews

  • Thank you Paragon for helping me with my ED. You made me feel comfortable and there was no reason to be ashamed. To learn that ED for most men is unavoidable, was a big relief. It’s a health matter, just like diabetes, and it can be fixed. I feel pretty lucky right now and glad I made the call. I hope more will do the same.

    Bill Anderson
  • I thought I was stuck and that I would have to live with my ED. It was effecting my marriage and my self image. Then I found Paragon and their new treatment. They were helpful, they courteous and protected my privacy. It wasn’t long after I started the treatments that I started to see improvement and regain that part of my life. I’m a happy patient/customer!!

    Clay Griffeth
  • I have lived with ED for nearly 7 years. The pills were were expensive and I started to get terrible headaches afterwards. The shockwave therapy is a new treatment and I am so glad that I researched it and went in for a consultation. It has changed my life and outlook. Thank you!!!

    A Google User
  • My husband suffered in silence for so many years with his ED. There was little I could do, it really created a wedge between us. Once I heard about the shockwave therapy, I immediately encouraged him to go and check it out. He did and he was treated, and he is so much better. I was amazed at how discreet they were and truly protected his privacy. I highly recommend it for your marriage.

    Sandy Peterson
  • My wife heard Paragon’s ad on the radio. She knew that ED was slowly pulling us apart. We decided to do the consultation and learn more about their treatments. We were immediately put at ease and felt comfortable discussing my ED. I started the treatments the following week and it has changed my life. They tell you what you have to do to fix it, and they are with you every step of the way.

    Robert Croft

50% of call men above the age 50 have Erectile Dysfunction
One third of divorces our directly linked to sexual impotence.
82% of Men with Erectile Dysfunction Also Report Symptoms of Depression
Shockwave Therapy has a 75% Success om Treating Erectile Dysfunction

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Pulse Wave Therapy has been recognized top companies as a solution to treat Erectile Dysfunction

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