Our revolutionary Pulse Wave technology reverses Erectile Dysfunction and brings back full penile activity.

Paragon’s Revolutionary Pulse Wave Technology reverses ED by making the body regenerate entirely new blood, new tissue and new Stem cells in the genital area.

✔ More Spontaneous Intimacy

✔ Increased Sensation

✔ Long Lasting Results

✔ No Pills Or Surgery

✔ HSA and FSA Approved

✔ Improved Erections

✔ Faster Refractory Period

✔ Boosted Self Confidence

✔ No Recovery Time

✔ Financing Available

Latest Google Reviews

  • Now a days you can’t turn on the TV or the radio without hearing about ED. It never dawned on me that so many men my age were suffering from this. That’s when I decided to do something about it and went in for a consultation. I was pleasantly surprised how simple and effective the treatments were. The staff were amazing and very professional. I wish I had found them years ago.

    Scott Wallace
  • I was surprised how much ED had impacted my life and the way I looked at things. After hearing their ad on the radio I decided to research them and the pulse wave therapy. What really got to me were the other patient testimonials and how closely they related to me. I am a believer and happy to not suffer in silence anymore. Good people!!!

    Scott Jackson
  • I don’t usually write reviews but in this case I will make an exception. No one, especially me, wants to admit to having or talk about ED. Yet, once I realized that I wasn’t alone and nearly every male my age has it; my willingness to accept it and do something about it happened. The people at Paragon are real professionals and did everything I could hope for, to protect my privacy and fix my ED. Thank you!

    Don Williams
  • Once I got over my embarrassment of ED, I realized that I had to do something about it. There are not a lot of options and I was tired of taking an unreliable pill with the side effects. The pulsewave therapy was a new treatment and one that I researched. I liked that it was FDA approved and the patient testimonials were compelling. I went in for a free consult, what did I have to lose. Now, two months later, I feel like a new man. It work for me!!

    Tim Gibbson
  • It was their patient testimonials that got me. Real men just like me, telling their story; how brave. I am a very private person and they catered to my every need. We structured the treatments around my work schedule, which was really nice. I truly felt like they cared and would do anything to help me with my ED. Thank you!!

    Bill Davis

50% of call men above the age 50 have Erectile Dysfunction
One third of divorces our directly linked to sexual impotence.
82% of Men with Erectile Dysfunction Also Report Symptoms of Depression
Shockwave Therapy has a 75% Success om Treating Erectile Dysfunction

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Pulse Wave Therapy has been recognized top companies as a solution to treat Erectile Dysfunction

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