What is Pulsewave Therapy?

May 12, 2021

Pulse Wave Therapy

Pulse-Wave Therapy, also known as Shockwave Therapy, is the regeneration of tissue caused by acoustic waves that trigger the body’s natural biological response to heal itself.

When acoustic waves are applied to our bodies, they cause “microtraumas” in the targeted area. These microtraumas send a signal to the brain to dispatch new blood flow and tissue growth to the affected area. Don’t worry, the microtraumas are pain free.

Paragon’s revolutionary Pulse Wave treatments combine the latest in shockwave therapy technologies and research to treat the root cause of ED by restoring a man’s natural blood flow and tissue to the genitals. This new blood flow and tissue enhances penile function.

Regenerative Medicine

Pulse Wave therapy triggers the “regenerative” process in the body. Pause and think about the following. The human body has a natural ability to heal itself, such as a cut to the skin, broken bones or even organ regeneration. So why not channel our body’s natural ability to treat ED? New research and evidence into regenerative medicine is fascinating.

Paragon Men’s Health embraces the success patients are having with regenerative medicine and applies this research into our clinics. In fact,  90% of our patients are successful in their treatments based on pre and post SHIM score assessments for Erectile activity.

By applying acoustic waves to the genitals to the right areas with the proper rate and frequency, we provide pain free, long lasting treatment results for Erectile Dysfunction.

As one satisfied patient states:

“Anyone who has suffered from ED understands the secrecy, the not being able to talk to anyone about it; and the fears of the many gimmicks. So after 7 years of hiding it and having it a source on contention between my wife and me, I decided to do something about it. I did the research the comparison shopping; everything. Fortunately, I found Paragon’s website and found the courage to go in for the free consultation. Wow!! What an easy and positive experience. They truly care about their patients and the results speak for them self. I wish I would have done this, years ago…”


Let the Research Speak for Itself

Shockwave therapy has a proven 75% success rate in the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

Significant results in penile blood flow have been accomplished through shock-wave therapy.

Men experience no pain or any adverse effects during or after treatment.

Successful restoration of erectile functions through shockwave therapy has last for more than 2 years.

1/3 of divorces may be spurred by sexual impotence.

Paragon Men’s Health has a 4.9 out of 27 reviews on Google!


Let’s do the Math

With coupons, discount or insurance coverage, the average price for two 100mg tablets of Viagra is $164.

Assuming that you’d like to have a frequency of sex with your significant other at least once a month – you can spend upwards of $600 a month to have the little blue pill ready for the evening.

The cost of 30 tablets, a bulk year supply, is slightly above $2,500. This would allow the little blue pill to be at your bedside at a frequency of sex every 12 days.

Not only is the monetary cost expensive but so is the physical toll it takes on your body. It’s no secret that ED pills often lead to headaches, digestive problems, vision changes, dizziness… the list goes on.

Even worst! The results are temporary. Pills only mask the problem.

Paragon Men’s Health eliminates the high cost of ED treatments by offering an alternative treatment for ED with long lasting results at a lower price of the ED pills.


Embracing New Technology

Shockwave therapy hasn’t been around long. However; the results, efficacy, and almost no side effects of shockwave therapy as a treatment for ED have allowed it to recently be approved by the FDA.

Paragon Men’s Health immediately opened their doors after the FDA clearance of shockwave therapy. We have stayed at the forefront of men’s health by our acceptance into new research and treatment types for ED.

Each patient of ours receives a medical consultation from certified providers and we offer first free treatment sessions so patients can wrap their head around the concept of shockwave therapy. Our mission is to restore men’s confidence and physical ability to express intimacy. Our embracement of new technology allows our patients to embrace a new lifestyle full of confidence, spontaneity and intimacy.

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