The Real Toll Erectile Dysfunction Can Take

May 17, 2021

A Very Common Scenario

The moment has come. Your significant other has given you all the signals that they are in the mood and hope to express their affection to you through physical intimacy. Their moment of pleasurable anticipation is suddenly your moment of dread. You haven’t refilled the Viagra medications. Or maybe you have but you haven’t timed it out and sneaking off to down a pill isn’t an option. Panic takes over and the excuse comes out of you. “I can’t right now, I need to get some stuff done”

We know Erectile Dysfunction affects those bedroom moments. We’re learning now that it affects so much more. Men with Erectile Dysfunction also face these trials.



Relationship Problems


The trails we face with Erectile Dysfunction are Bidirectional. Or they occur at the same time, feeding off each other and puts us on a continual downward spiral.

Your spiral might have begun with psychological disorders first, or maybe the first signs of impotence started it all. Regardless, Paragon’s Pulse Wave technology has helped break the cycle of impotence and disorders by treating the root cause of ED with long lasting results.



The link between erectile dysfunction and depression is clasped together in iron. 82% of men who report having Erectile Dysfunction also have symptoms of depression. That’s because sexual desire is cultivated in the brain, and sex organs rely on chemicals in the brain to promote libido as well as the changes in blood flow needed for the sexual act. When depression disrupts these brain chemicals, it can make sexual activity more difficult.

The National Library of Medicine states that, “The psychosocial distress that often accompanies erectile dysfunction might stimulate the development of depressive illness, or, as some data suggest, depression might cause erectile dysfunction.”

It’s a chicken vs the egg situation. But one that can be broken by the treatment of ED.



Anxiety can be divided into two camps. Performance Anxiety and Personal Anxiety.

Performance Anxiety

Performance Anxiety or as we call it Bedroom Anxiety is caused by stressed or anxiety when a person feels they are unable to meet a partner’s sexual expectations. Performance Anxiety is often a compounded result of a man hiding their ED, then their inability to hold an erection, which causes them to be more stressed about performing, which ultimately leads to more severe symptoms of ED. Many men can recognize when their erectile difficulties are “emotional” or “psychological” in nature, but few understand that anxiety may be the root cause of these conditions.

Personal Anxiety

Personal Anxiety is the result of being in a “panicked” mode caused by stressors such as being overworked, overly busy, financial worries, relationship struggles, and much more. These triggers initiate our flight or fight response. Both these responses make your heart pump more blood into your arms and legs in preparation to fight or flee, meaning less blood flow can be spared for sexual activity. It may seem impractical for an individual to live in a panicked mode 24/7, but research shows that Generalized  Anxiety Disorder (GAD) is very real.

Bedroom and Personal Anxiety can seep into a healthy relationship and destroy couples. Online forums such as BeyondBlue have many postings about men seeking help to control their anxiety as it’s taken control of their lives. Below is a true story of how anxiety has strained the relationship of a couple.

“We’re fighting about this on a weekly basis now. The kind of fights where we scream at each other, in floods of tears, then end up barely speaking for 2-3 days afterwards. Things get better, I try to follow through with my promises to keep up the consistent application of the tools I have to combat anxiety, but then a week or so later I bottle it, end up breaking my promise and the cycle repeats.”


Relationship Problems and Regret.

The most uttered phrase we hear from patients who have completed their treatment session is something like this, “I wish I’d done this sooner” or “If I could’ve had this treatment years ago, It would’ve saved my marriage”.

Regret is a negative emotion that involves blaming ourselves for a bad outcome. It usually causes us to “wish” we had done something different or undo a choice that we made. David Morgan, of the Institute of Psychoanalysis states “It is self-flagellation, and it can be incredibly damaging to our mental health. It is exhausting, it sucks all joy and fulfilment from our days, and it leaves us stuck, always looking backwards and unable to move forward in our lives.”

ED is major source of regret or shame for men. Close to 70% of men with ED said they feel like they are letting their partners down. These feelings of embarrassment often lead men to hide or cover up their ED. But, at some point, there will be a breaking point.

It’s really up to us as men to step forward and address our conditions. To open up to our significant others and get some help.

As some patients have said:

“It has changed my life and my relationship with my wife.”

“They made it possible for me to get my life back”

“Within a few weeks I could tell a difference and was glad I did it. I wish I hadn’t waited and been so private about it. ED is real and it effects our lives, work, marriages and relationships.”

You can put a stop to this Bidirectional Relationship, ED causes in our lives. Paragon’s Pulse Wave therapy works to treat the root causes of ED for long lasting results. Our staff honor, and respect those who make the decision to get treatment. We’re with you every step of the way as you begin your journey back to a confident man.

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