What is Regenerative Health?

Regenerative Health aims to reverse the process of physical ailments by improving the efficiency of our biochemistry and cell functions, thereby promoting self-healing and recovery. Regenerative Health stays focused on improving the quality of live we have without superficial treatments such as plastic surgery, or pills. Regenerative Health seeks to lift the quality of our lives and not simply anti-age the body.

Your life is much like a highway driven on by the moments and memories. The highway can crack and tear apart under the natural circumstances and ageing process of our life. We can fix our highway with superficial surface-only patch work that will lead to bumpy and unexpected roughness, or we can restore the highway. We excavate the damage, put in new sediment for a stronger bed-rock and pour in new asphalt for a high-quality smooth ride.

Regenerative Health uses the bodies natural healing responses to treat the root causes of disease contrary to Traditional Health measures that only combat the disease. Regenerative Health pursues permanent solutions rather than short-term healing. Regenerative medicine is the complete restoration of the highway, not inferior patch work.

You’ve Already Seen Regeneration In Your Body.

Clear examples of Regenerative Health are healing process such as a cut in the skin, the mend of a broken bone or when the liver regenerates when sickened or injured. Tissue regeneration is part of our body’s natural capabilities. If tissue inside the body is traumatized or partially lost, the body can take the remaining healthy parts and grow the same structure and function as the lost part.

Take note, Regeneration and Wound Healing are different healing processes of the body. Regeneration is the “regrowing” of traumatized areas whereas Wound Healing is a partial regeneration which involves closing the injury site with scar tissue or residual evidence of the wound.

Visual example of regenerative healing

Why Paragon’s Pulse Wave Treatment Works!

Using our Pulse Wave transmitter, we’re able to cause painless microtraumas to the penile area that send a signal to the brain to send new blood, new tissue and stem cells to restore the penis into full health. It’s like we turn on the “check engine light” in the penis to signal the brain to start the healing process.

Illustration of Pulse Wave treatment on the skin

The European Association of Urology’s lead research Dr. Martha Haahr has said “What we have done (Low-Intensity Shockwave Therapy) establishes that this technique can lead to men recovering a spontaneous erection –without the use of other medicines, injections or implants”

The penis’s ability to regenerate is so incredibly doable that the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine in North Carolina was able engineer rabbit penises that could be transplanted onto the rabbit for a complete treatment of sexual impotence. 12 bioengineered penises were transplanted onto rabbits; eight were able to ejaculate and four produced offspring!

We don’t do that at Paragon’s. However; the science behind regeneration and the penis is promising.

Regenerative Medicine Is Just Getting Started

Illness is not your fault. But healing is your responsibility. The American Lifestyle is not a healthy lifestyle.

Our diets have become increasingly unhealthy. What we purchase at grocery stores often lacks the proper nutrition to give the body the “good fuel” it requires to operate.

Stress continues to go up! 44% of Americans report that stress levels have increased over the past 5 years and sadly; almost a third of children are reporting physical health symptoms from stress such as headaches, stomach aches or unrest when sleeping.

Mindset. We’ve adopted a mind-set that certain diseases are just a natural occurrence when aging. This simply isn’t true. However, if you believe that arthritis is just going to happen when your old – you’ll do nothing to stave it from happening.

Illustration of how Diet, Stress and Mindset lead to bad health

Half of all men above the age 55 have Erectile Dysfunction. We simply cannot let ED be normal because of its prevalence.

As our lifestyles increasingly lead to physical ailments, science has needed to take a hard look at new avenues of health. Regenerative Health is one such avenue. PRP or platelet-rich plasma therapy, 3D Bioprinting, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Hyaluronic Avid injections (Joint-Injections) are all recent medical treatments with overwhelmingly promising results.

The mainstream medical community by default is conservative about new therapies. Historically, new treatments take 17 years to be adopted by the major medical community, but we know regenerative treatment options will someday be available cheaply and universally in the future and have no doubt that our Pulse Wave Therapy will be added to that list.

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