What is Nitric Oxide

Nitric Oxide has suddenly been put in the limelight as the leading agent responsible for erections. It relaxes the smooth muscle in the penis so blood can flow into penile caverns during stimulation. In medical terms, Nitric Oxide is a small gaseous molecule generated by the parasympathetic nerves and from blood vessels (endothelium) in response to stimulation. When the body needs to control microcirculation in various systems such as the Cardiovascular and Nervous System, it increases the body’s natural chemical properties to produce more Nitric Oxide and disperse this molecule to the area.

structure of a blood vessel, endothelium

What Does Nitric Oxide Do

Nitric Oxide effects many areas in the body such as our cardiovascular system, nervous system, lungs, gastrointestinal tract, the renal system, and immune system.

Visual representation of the different organ systems in the body
For our purpose, we’ll focus on the Cardiovascular System and Nervous System as they are inextricably linked to sexual health.

In the Cardiovascular System, Nitric Oxide is responsible for

Relaxing vascular muscles
Reducing blood pressure
Dilating vessels to relieve pain of angina
Inhibits the aggregation of platelets that can lead to blood clots

In the Nervous System, Nitric Oxide is responsible for

Transmitting neurons across the body’s autonomic nervous system (signaling agent)
Increase blood flow and oxygenation to the brain
Mediates muscle relaxation during sexual arousal

When you pair these two systems up, it’s clear that without production Nitric Oxide, the body’s required systems to achieve and maintain an erection comes to a screeching halt. Deficiencies in Nitric Oxide levels in the body have been repeatedly linked to Erectile Dysfunction.

The Evidence between of Nitric Oxide and Erectile Dysfunction

Penile erection depends on the release of Nitric Oxide. We cannot trick our own body’s blood vessels into health! Blood vessels in the body have the ultimate tell if we are living a healthy or unhealthy lifestyle. Those who engage in regular physical exercise, proper diet and maintain a low cholesterol have healthy blood vessels. These healthy vessels when sensing physical stimulation will release more Nitric Oxide into the body so that it can expand vessels with increasing blood flow.

The opposite is also true. Unhealthy blood vessels such as those that sense high cholesterol, high blood pressure, toxins from vaping or smoking and even emotional distress will be slow to release Nitric Oxide into the body.

Thus, Erectile Dysfunction begin. If you have ED. You have low Nitric Oxide levels in your body.

Treating Erectile Dysfunction by Boosting Nitric Oxide Levels

Can you reverse Erectile Dysfunction with more Nitric Oxide? Yes. But there are caveats. Increasing Nitric Oxide levels means increasing the chemicals required to create the NO compound.

Enter L-Citrulline.

L-Citrulline, a natural supplement we offer at Paragons, is an amino acid that increases the production of Nitric Oxide. In one study, men who received the actual L-Citrulline supplement instead of the placebo reported a moderate increase in erection hardness and longevity, without adverse effects. L-Citrulline helps open veins and arteries to increase the blood flow into fatigued vessels that generate Nitric Oxide to allow blood into the penis by relaxing the caverns of the penile shaft.

Another natural supplement that helps reverse the effects of ED is, L-Arginine. This too is an amino acid made in the body that relaxes blood vessels to help the cardiovascular system maintain its optimal performance. Recent studies show that L-Arginine supplements help with heart failure, kidney inflammation, ease migraines and improve blood pressure. A study showed that when L-Arginine was combined with the chemical extracted from European pine trees, 32 men out of 40 restore their sexual ability in 1 month. After 3 months, 38 of the men experienced a normal erection after suffering from Erectile Dysfunction!

illustration of arginine and citrulline

Just taking L-Citrulline or L-Arginine alone, won’t restore men into full penile activity. These supplements only boost the Nitric Oxide levels that enhance the blood flow to the penis. Severe Erectile Dysfunction leaves the blood vessels and veins fatigued and unresponsive. To fully treat ED, one must also heal the vessels in the penis. The body’s natural regenerative healing properties, like the mending of a broken bone, can also regenerate blood vessels, veins, and tissue in the penis. As we age though, this process must be triggered, like jump cables to an old car battery. Paragon’s Pulse Wave treatments help jumpstart the regenerative process in the penis so blood can re-enter the vessels and caverns and reverse Erectile Dysfunction in men.

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