Pulse Wave Technology and Regenerative Medicine

Sexual health is an important aspect of being human, so it is understandably distressing when sexual intimacy is challenged by erectile dysfunction. In America, over 18 million men over the age of 20 experience regular erectile dysfunction. Many of these men carry the burden of ED alone and in silence. For years, there has been little advancement in treating the root causes of ED and most solutions to treating ED required expensive pills or procedures. Recent medical advancements with Pulse Wave therapy have made it easier to treat erectile dysfunction. Paragon Men’s Health is pleased to bring this technology to the Treasure Valley.

How Pulse Wave Therapy Works

Pulse Wave Therapy is a modern and highly effective treatment that allows the body to “restore” physical ailments caused by natural age degeneration or injury. A machine, much like an ultrasound scan, is placed on the surface of the body where treatment is required. Pulses are projected from the probe to the targeted area. These pulses create a force that stimulate the cellular process in the body that is responsible for tissue healing. Pulse Wave Therapy encourages the body’s natural process to regenerate damaged tissue even if the body hasn’t been able to heal itself on its own.
Image of a Pulse Wave Therapy Machine used to treat ED

Treating Erectile Dysfunction with Pulse Wave Therapy

Paragon Men’s Health uses Pulse Wave Therapy to treat the root causes of ED by activating the male body’s restorative capabilities to the penis. As males age, fatigued  blood vessels within the penis begin to naturally breakdown. The body is unaware it needs to heal this breakdown so the condition will only get worst. Pulse Wave Therapy uses high-frequency, low-intensity vibrations to stimulate blood flow and send your body’s natural restorative responses to the penis. New blood flow and new tissue will eliminate the condition of your ED.
Paragon’s Pulse Wave Therapy is a non-invasive and non-surgical medical treatment with no risk of pain. It’s a natural solution for erectile dysfunction and has been proven to work in 90% of men who have had severe symptoms of ED. This treatment has no downtime, no risks and no side effects that would cause harm to you or interact negatively with any medication you might be taking.
A diagram of degenerative blood vessels caused by Erectile Dysfunction

As we age, blood vessels begin to fatigue and degenerate. This is natural. However, as blood vessels weaken in their ability to bring blood flow to the penis the ability to generate and maintain erections decreases.
The body is unable to detect the gradual onset of ED. It requires a natural “trigger” to begin the restorative process. Paragon Men’s Health uses Pulse Wave Therapy to be that trigger.
An illustration of a Pulse Wave Therapy machine

Pulse Wave Therapy uses a small machine that transmits micro vibrations that will start the restorative process in the body. All pulses are done on the surface of the body.
An illustration of restored or healed blood vessels in the penis.

After a few treatments, the blood flow from new vessels and tissue will allow the penis to be erect and maintain longer erections. When all the sessions recommend by our provider are completed – the root causes of ED are treated. Pulse Wave Therapy can be combined with natural supplements to help maximize your body’s full potential to bring blood to the penis.

What Paragon Men’s Health Will Do For You

Improve Erection Quality

The simple truth of the matter is that erections depend on steady blood flow, which includes the ability for blood to travel undeterred to the penis and encounter no blockages, such as micro-plaque, along the way. This treatment breaks down minor blockages and increases your body’s ability to redirect blood to the penis, which means that the quality of your erections and the length of time they last improves greatly.

Faster Refractory Period

By expanding and helping generate new vessels, this treatment also helps improve your refractory period. A refractory period is the period of time between erections. As we age, we lose the ability to quickly regain an erection due in large part to decreased blood flow. This treatment restores your refractory period so that you are able to regain an erection and an interest in sex much more quickly than before.

Boost Self Confidence

For many men, the ability to sustain an erection is a statement about their confidence. This treatment boosts your self-confidence and restores your self-esteem by fixing the causes and symptoms of erectile dysfunction. Additionally, the improvement of erection quality and a quicker refractory period mean that your sexual performance will improve too, which is an added boost to your restored ego.
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